Afghan Cycles

dir. Sarah Menzies, USA 2016, 70′
lang.: fa / en / frsub.: en / pl

We have been trying to obtain this film since last year, but the post production turned out to take longer than what the director had initially planned. Sarah promised us, however, that we would open the 6th edition with the ready film. She has kept that promise.

The film presents Afghan women from various ethnic groups, living in the environments that are traditionally dominated by men. The film documents the broad range of female cycling – from using the bicycle as a means of transport, through its being the manifest of one’s independence, to representing their country in national and international competitions. Afghan Cycles is a feature documentary about a growing movement of women in Afghanistan. The generation of Afghan women actively subverts cultural barriers, hoping to initiate a new era for the country which, thanks to globalization, is slowly waking up from its long-lasting cultural stagnation.