dir. Ryan Cockrell, USA 2017, 66′
lang.: ensub.: pl

Charleston, USA. A city like any other. That is, congested. Basing on a series of interviews with the local officials and citizens, and backed with video materials from the local TV station, Backpedal searches for a solution to the problem how US cities should conduct the policy of sustained transportation. While most of Charleston’s inhabitants sit in their cars, cursing away at the traffic, bold cyclists whizz past them. Unfortunately, in order to enjoy this unrestrained freedom of riding, they often have to risk their lives.

The screening will be followed by a speech by Florian Keiper from the Berlin bike initiative mitRADgelegenheit, who will speak about the situation of cyclists in Germany and its capital city. We will get to know about their method of “reclaiming the streets”, learn about educating drivers and promoting mutual respects on the streets.