Battle Mountain: historia Graeme’a Obree

dir. Dave Street, UK 2016, 104′
lang.: ensub.: pl

Addicted to setting records, Graeme Obree, a Scottish track and road cyclist who in 1993 beat the 9 years old record of Francesco Moser in one hour cycling (he cycled 51.596 km), is back in action. 20 years after his feat he takes on the challenge to set a land speed record! Where? In Battle Mountain, Nevada. Nice name, ferocious. Without any wind tunnels, computer simulations, nor setting optimum efficacy levels, The Beastie (the bicycle ordered by Graeme) was designed to set the record together with Obree. Where other athletes struggling in Battle Mountain use the aid of the world’s leading computer technology, Obree takes on the challenge that is based on his confidence in his own power of mind and body.