Blood Road

dir. Nicholas Schrunk, USA 2017, 96′
lang.: en / visub.: en / pl

Two bicycle athletes, an American Rebecca Rusch and a Vietnamese Huyen Nguyen ride 1900 km on the famous Ho Chi Minh Trail through the dense jungles of Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia – searching for the crash site of a jet fighter, where Rebecca’s father died during the war in Vietnam. The two women develop a strong bond that is based on the feelings of loss. The wounds from the Vietnam war still hurt.

“At first we focused mostly on showing the aspect of the physical struggle to ride through the Ho Chi Minh Trail, but on the way we discovered a deeper, more emotional sense” – said the film’s director, Nicholas Schrunk. “I hope that regardless of the spectator’s origin and their political views or feelings, they will be able to see not only to what extent the war leaves one with physical and psychological scars, but also how families, nations and different cultures are able to reconcile in order to heal those wounds”.