Dandyhorse Double

dir. Dominic Gill, USA, Canada 2013, 33′
lang: englishsub: polish

There is a country, which we want to visit so much. Maybe “a country” is not enough. It’s a story, a legend, a universe. Canada.

Dominic Gill, on his tandem bicycle starts a journey in wild and picturesque province Alberty in Canada. Being an astute observer, he takes a deep look into the history – blowing off the dust he tries to explore the roots of this multicultural region.

It is a documentary about special places, which wait just around the corner to be discovered. It’s also an important lesson – you don’t have to travel far to find the world totally new and unknown. That’s naturally an advice for Canadian people – but for sure we may feel encouraged to explore what’s close to us. And what is not as well.