Another Start

dir. Anna Wiśniewska, Krzysztof Kuźnicki , Poland 2019, 35′
lang: polishsub: english

We wish we’ll have definitely more chances to present Polish movies. Especially if they are about the discipline so important to us – track cycling.

Training, massage, meeting, hotel, tests on the track, competition… Typical day from 23 years long sport career of Damian Zieliński – titled sprinter, olympian, double winner of Track Cycling World Cup. With a little bit of retrospection, Damian struggles with a decision, which every professional sportsman has to make sooner or later. Its either another start, or the end.

Huntington’s disease (HD), also known as Huntington’s chorea, is an inherited disorder that results in death of brain cells. The earliest symptoms are often subtle problems with mood or mental abilities. A general lack of coordination and an unsteady gait often follow.