Być Wilkiem, dir. Barbara Bielecka, Poland 2016, 23 mins.
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Być Wilkiem (Being a Wolf) is a documentary portrait of Rafał Mikołajczyk, a man of great passion for sports. “His bicycle has a soul” thanks to his strength to overcome all adversities as well as his own inner and physical weaknesses. The protagonist was pushed. He broke his spine in the neck section and ended up in the wheelchair, starting a new chapter of his life. In 2016 Rafał Mikołajczyk won his first gold medal of the World Cup and became the leader of the whole cycle. The director says: “I wanted to make a film about passion and strength, about a great striving towards a goal that demands persistence and sometimes condemns one to solitude. When I met Rafał, I was fascinated by his great strength, positive energy, and uniqueness. I knew at once that he was the hero of the film I had been looking for”. Within Bike Days we are preparing a special brunch with Rafał. More information soon.