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Vento, dir. Paolo Casalis, Pino Pace, Stefano Scarafia, Italy 2014, 50′
lang: italian sub: polish, english

Italy. Motherland of the cycling. While writing this words, Giro d’Italia takes place. Could it be any better?

And what is this movie about? These are 8 days of journey of 5 architects. From Turin to Venice. 630 km of adventure which was ment to present the chances of creating of the longest bicycle path in Italy (and one of the longest in Europe). Project, which would result in thousands of new jobs, sustainable development and growth of green economy – everything at cost of building 2 km of a highway. The route led through Po Valley, from the Alps to Adriatic Sea. And even if somebody knows Italy only from postcards understands, that no further encouragement is needed. Pizza And to the cinema!