FRIDAY, June 14, 2019, 5:00 PM | Anthony Gordon’s adventure block | BUY A TICKET
The Indian Pacific Wheel Race, dir. Anthony Gordon, Australia 2017, 44′
lang: english sub: polish

Distance between Wroclaw and Suwalki is around 700 km. Seems far? During The Indian Pacific Wheel Race participants ride 5500 km. Racing. Gordon’s movie is a record of rivalry thorugh tough roads of Australia, from Fremantle to Sydney. We’re talking about the distance long enough and landscapes being sometimes monotonous so much, that machinists have to inform the base station each half an hour – just not to fall asleep. Can you be asleep on a bike? That’s the question, which we will ask Paweł Piko Puławski – who did fisnish the race, on a fixed-gear bicycle. He’s going to present some of the pictures to describe how endless that landscape could be.