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The Road From Karakol, dir. Fitz Cahall, USA, Kyrgyzstan 2013, 26′
lang: english sub: polish

It starts with a bang. Summer 2011, alpinist Kyle Dempster started his cycling trip to Kyrgyzstan. His goal was to ride through entire country and reaching its characteristic peaks. He only had his most necessary climbing equipment (climbing in its original meaning, not cycling), knew no word in Kyrgyz language, and had his bicycle for just few weeks. He started unprepared, to ride through roads remembering The Soviet Union and to climb as many of the peaks as possible.

“The Road From Karakol” is a record of wonderful adventure, full of surprises and good people, who became a part of his journey. It proves that we might not always reach our goals and life may be preparing something totally different ahead of us.