SUNDAY, June 17, 2018, 7:30 | OUTDOOR CINEMA IN THE VELODROME | Free Screening on Wroclaw Velodrome
Time Trial, dir. Finlay Pretsell, UK 2017, 82′
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The end of an athlete’s career is a battle against time and the inevitable fall.
The addictive urge to race defies logic, creating a mesmerizing and painful spectacle. Time Trial is a story about the last tour in the career of David Millar – the Grand Tour, the Tour de France. We accompany him during cycling and in his hotel room, witnessing what he goes through and with what he battles during his ultimate ride. The documentary shows what a real fighting spirit is, one that is driven by something more than mere success and glory. Filmed with the use of pioneering techniques, packed with emotion, this is a truly gripping motion picture. Tour de France is drawing closer. It’s nice to provide yourself with an additional context before it starts.